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1.           Rini         : __________________.
Nidia       : Really? That’s wonderful!
a. My lovely kitten died last night.
b. My little sister killed my hamster.
c. My horse has been sick for three days,
d. My dog won a swimming contest yesterday.
e. My rabbit was hit by a car this morning.

2.        Adetia       : That’s a very cute sweater.
Dede         : ..................
a.    It’s no trouble at all
b.    Thanks you for saying so
c.    With my pleasure
d.    Very well, thanks
e.    That would be nice

3.           Yomi       : I heard the news that Pasha “Ungu” was put on probation for eight months.
 Abdi        : ____________.
a. I don’t believe it!
b. That’s great.
c. I’d love to.
d. It’s no trouble at all.
e. Don’t mention it.

4.           Agung          : “……, madam.Would you mind if I sit beside you?”
          The old lady: “ By all means.”
a. Silent please
b. Excuse me            
c. Hello bro
d. Howdy
e. Nice to meet you

5.           April    : “ My brother has got a scholarship to continue his study in one of  prominent university 
                         in America.” 
          Wella   : “ ……………..”
           a. I’m glad to hear that     
           b. I’m sorry to know that
           c. It’s common           
           d. I’m not surprise
           e. I’m not interest

6.           Maya : “You know Rita’s father is hospitalized for his serious  illness.”
           Kiki   : “…………….”
a.       she must be very sad
b.      it’s borring
c.       she must be very happy                 
d.      it’s good idea
e.       excuse me

7.        The Elephant is the ....... animal on earth.
a.       most big                    
b.      better                        
c.       worst
d.      biggest
e.       bigger

8.        The red jacket is 60.000 rupiahs, the blue jacket is 70.000 rupiahs. The red jacket is .......... than the blue one.
a.    more cheap
b.    most cheap
c.    cheaper
d.    cheapest
e.    cheap

9.        London is not very beautiful, Paris is .........
a.         more beautiful
b.        most beautiful
c.         better
d.        the best
e.         interesting

        Text for number 10 until 12

We introduce and distribute your product  to 225.000 distributors in 150 countries. FREE!
For FREE information Kit call:
Tel. (1271) 4255785 ext. 002. Fax (0271) 2245865

10.    Who is the advertisement written for?
a. Distributors
b. Sales representative
c. Manufactures
d. Information specialist
e. All reader
11.    What do you think of Grand Technologies Limited?
a.    A company
b.    manufactures
c.    free Services
d.    service bureau
e.    An informant

12.    The word “MANUFACTURES” has the same meaning with ....
a.       Companies which produce goods in a large quantities lacking machinery
b.      Companies which produce goods in a large qualities lacking machinery
c.       Companies which produce goods in a large quantities using machinery
d.      Companies which produce goods in a large qualities using machinery
e.       Companies which produce goods in a large quantities and qualities using machinery

13.  When I ...... the garden, it ....... to rain.
a. water, begin
b. is watering, began
c. watered, was beginning
d. was watering, began
e. had watered, begins

14.  Nidia       : What kind of music do you like?
Ragil        : My fave music is rock.
Nidia       : Who is your favourite ..........?
         The correct word to fill in the blank is .......
      a. player
      b. singer
      c. farmer
      d. teacher
      e. author

Question for number 15 to 17 based on the following picture


15.    Abrar        : Where is the mosque?
Ana           : It is ........ the post office
a.    above                     
b.    next to                    
c.    under
d.    below
e.    turn left

16.    Abrar        : Where is the school?
Ana           : it is ...... of the road
a.    next                        
b.    in the end   
c.    above
d.    opposite
e.    turn left

17.    Where is the playground?
a.       Go along to Sahid Street and turn left to the first crossroad. It is the first building on the left
b.      Go along to the Sahid hotel and turn left to the first T-junction, it is in the first building on the left
c.       Go around to the Sahid street, it is in the first building on the left
d.      Go along to the Sahid Street, it is in the end of the road
e.       Go along to the Sahid Street, it is in the first building in the right

18.    Martha      : Would you have a dinner with my  family tomorrow night?
               Budi         : _____________________.

a. You must be joking!
b. My goodness!
c. That would be great.
d. Well done.
e. Congratulations!

19.    We drink water in our life everyday. Sometimes we drink a lot and sometimes we drink a little water. But 
       for our healthy, we should drink at least 8 litres water everyday. Because, 60 % of our body is
      consist of water. From the text above, the main idea is in what sentence?
      a. 1st sentence
      b. 2nd sentence
      c. 3rd sentence
      d. 4th sentence
      e. 5th sentence

20.    According to the text in the question no. 17, how many times “water” has been writed?
      a. once
      b. twice
      c. third
      d. fourth
      e. fifth     

21.       It is a traditional music from Indonesia. If we listen to it, our body can move to follow the rhythm. But, almost of people in this country still shame to admit this kind of music as an original culture of our nation. In fact it is so famous on abroad. We should be very proud of that.

         What is “it” refers to?
      a. angklung
      b. dangdut
      c. seriosa
      d. pop music
      e. poco-poco

22.     Listia        : My ............ is cooking. I love to cook in my house and. I always try cook a new recipe.
Amar       : Oh yeah, maybe next time I should try to eat your food.
The correct word to fill in the blank is ......
      a. favourite
      b. food
      c. address
      d. religion
      e. hobby

23.       Novi        : I love reading. In a day i usually read two books.
Zultri       : I like reading too. By the way, who is your favourite ...........?
        The correct word to fill in the blank is .......
      a. player
      b. singer
              c. farmer
      d. teacher
      e. author

24.       Yesterday i didn’t make my homework because i forgot it. So i was punished by
my teacher that I have to go running around the school as ten times. I was so regret about it at that time.
         According to the text above, who is the character?
      a. a student
      b. a teacher
      c. a singer
      d. a player
      e. a farmer
25.       According to the text in the question no.09, why is the character has been punished?
      a. because forget to study hard
      b. because forget to sleep earlier
      c. because forget to cook lunch
      d. because forget to go to school
      e. because forget to make homework

26.       Randa      : ............ do you live?
Hocky     : I live in Dusun Mudo.
The correct word to fill in the blank is......
      a. who
      b. what
      c. where
      d. why
      e. how

27.       Nica         : .......... many sister and brother do you have?
Yasinta    : I just have one sister, I don’t have any brother.
         The correct word to fill in the blank is........
      a. who
      b. what
      c. where
      d. why
      e. how

28.       Ilham       : .......... do you like playing football?
Evry        : Because playing football can make me fun, stay healthy and energetic.
 The correct word to fill in the blank is......
      a. who
      b. what
      c. where
      d. why
      e. how

Text for question no. 29 until no.34:

Rahman start his day when he wake up
 at 05.00 a.m in the morning. After he take  down prayer, he get some exercise with  push up and sit up. Then he clean the floor and take a bath. At 06.30 a.m, he go to school, arrive at school at 07.00 and study
until 01.15 p.m. After arrive at home, he take lunch at 02.00 p.m. And then he take a nap until 04.00 p.m and playing volleyball with his neighbours. At 06.00 p.m, he help his mother to watering the flowers and then take a bath. At 07.00 p.m, he study and make his homeworks until 09.00 p.m. Then he wacthing tv as 30 minutes before he go to sleep.

29.    In what hour Rahman wake up everyday?
       a. 05.00 a.m
       b. 06.00 a.m
       c. 07.00 p.m
       d. 05.00 p.m
       e. 06.00 p.m

30.        How long he study at school?
      a. four hours
      b. six hours
      c. seven hours
      d. eight hours
      e. nine hours

31.        In what hour he go to sleep everynight?
      a. 08.00 p.m
      b. 08.30 p.m
      c. 09.00 p.m
      d. 09.30 p.m
      e. 10.00 p.m

32.       What is Rahman’s doing after take a nap?
      a. play volleyball
      b. go swim
      c. take a lunch
      d. play guitar
      e. running

33.       What kind exercise Rahman’s doing at the morning?
      a. jogging
      b. restock
      c. push up
      d. skipping
      e. running

34.       How long he study at home everynight?
      a. a half hour
      b. 1 hour
      c. 1 and a half hours
      d. 2 hours
      e. 2 and a half hours

35.       Herma     : If I have much money, I will ......... a new motorcyle.
Panangian: Oh yeah, I will accompany you  in that moment.
         The correct word to fill in the blank is .......
      a. sell
      b. buy     
      c. clean
      d. keep
      e. cut

36.       Rasyid     : What is your favourite food?
Ayu         : My favourite food is .............
The correct word to fill in the blank is.......
      a. ball
      b. meatball
      c. lemon tea
      d. avocado
      e. pingpong

37.       This is Mr. Kabul, he is Taufik’s teacher

 Ririn    : i want to meet Mr. Kabul, but i didn’t recognize him. Could you describe his appearance!
 Taufik  : Mr. Kabul is a ............... man.
 a.       Short and fat
b.      Short and slim
c.       Fat and tall
d.      Tall and slim
e.       Skinny 

38.       Okta        : Can you play a piano?
Sindi        : Yes, I can. By the way, can you sing? Because I have a plan to make a band soon.
Okta        : ...............
The correct sentence to fill in the blank is ....
      a. Yes, I will sing.
      b. No, I will sing.
      c. Yes, I can sing.
      d. No, I can sing.
      e. Yes, I would sing.

39.       Jelita        : ......
 Edi          : That’s very kind of you. Thanks for the gift. I’m getting older.
      a. Would you like come to my party?
      b. Happy birthday
      c. Congratulation on your wedding!
      d. Good luck
      e. Well done

40.       Beautifulnewsmallredcar
        1              2         3          4       5
             6           7
The best arrangement from the sentence  above is .......
      a. 7 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6
      b. 7 – 5 – 3 – 2 – 6 – 1 – 4
      c. 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
      d. 7 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 6 – 5
      e. 7 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 6 – 5

41.       Glora  : Thank you, you help me a lot.
Tori    : Don’t mention it, it’s my pleasure
What does Tori mean?
a.       He thanks to Glora
b.      He mentions Glora’s help
c.       He help her
d.      He responds Glora gratitude
e.       He is really happy

42.       Enggar : Let’s go to the beach!
Metik   : i have to finish my paper before 2 p.m.
What does Metik mean?
a.       She can’t go to the beach
b.      She can finish her paper son
c.       She go to the beach
d.      She agrees to the Enggar offering
e.       She refuse to finish her paper

43.       Rika      : Would you like to come to my house tonight?
Menang : I’d love to but my mother wants me to help her.
What will Menang do tonight?
a.    He will come to Rika’s house
b.    He will go with his mother
c.    He will help his mother
d.    He will ask his mother to come to Rika’s house
e.    He will love his mother

44.  Ucok       : It’s break time. Would you like me to get a cup of tea?
      Purnama  : ........
a.    That would be nice of you
b.    I don’t believe that
c.    Really? You don’t say
d.    You must be joking
e.    That’s not true

45.       Ican’tafraidI’mhavetomorrow -  Itesta
         1      2           3          4        5             6   7     8      9     
The correct answer from the sentence above Is ...........
      a.  1 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 7 – 2 – 6 – 8 – 9
      b.  4 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 7 – 5 – 9 – 8 – 6
      c.  1 – 3 – 4 – 2 – 5 – 6 – 8 – 9 – 7
      d.  9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
      e.  1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9

46.       Yanti       : What is your favourite ............?
Micael     : I love swimming. If I have my vacation I will go to town for swimming.
         The correct word to fill in the blank is .......
     a. sport
     b. food
     c. music
     d. player
     e. book

47.       Would you rather to sing or dance?
a. I would rather dance now
b. I would dance rather
c. I would rather to sing than dance
d. I would rather sing now
e. I would sing rather

48.       Would you prefer to cook bake or noodle?
a. I would prefer to cook now
b. I would prefer to cook bake now
c. I would prefer to cook bake
d. I would prefer to cook bake than cook noodle
e. I would prefer to cook noodle

This brochure is for number 49 and 50
Rounded Rectangle: Room and suites
Deluxe rooms	
Single room 	Rp. 100.000	US$ 113
Double		Rp. 150.000	US$ 175

Royal Club rooms
Single room 	Rp. 200.000	US$ 220
Double		Rp. 250.000	US$ 290

Royal club suites
Single room 	Rp. 300.000	US$ 325
Double		Rp. 375.000	US$ 400
Children’s special
Free of chenge for children under 12 sharing the same room as parent
On Demand
Non smoking room
Rates are exclusive of all applicable taxes
Rates are subject to change without notice
RBM Road. Phone 411011
Email :

 49.       When you reserve a royal club single room for a night with your baby. You have to pay....
a.         Rp. 100.000
b.         Rp. 150.000
c.         Rp. 200.000
d.         Rp. 250.000
e.         Rp. 300.000

50.       Which is the following statement is TRUE according to the brochure?
a.    Each room has private bathroom
b.    The children under 12 is free a half
c.    The rate will be permanently
d.    All the rooms offered are non smoking room 
e.   Single royal club room is the cheapest


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